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I hear about backup all the time, what is it and why do I need it?

Simply put, in Computer Technology, a backup is a copy of a file that is stored separately from the original.

Why do I need it?

Whether we like it or not, data loss happens.

Electronics have a nasty habit to break without warrning when it is less expected. Although the life expectation for a hard drive is about 5 years, they can fail any time without 'symptoms'. Recovering data from a failed hard drive is not always possible and can easily cost over $1000 AUD.

Spilled drinks, accidental file deletion, computer threats like viruses, malware and spyware are just a few other reasons for creating regular back-ups.

The best way to avoid data corruption is to use multiple storage devices combined with a technique called "incremental backup".

An incremental backup stores all files changed since last backup; it uses much less storage space than a full backup and preserves multiple copies of your data.

Never keep only one copy of your data and try to keep copies in different physical locations!

The price of hard drives having dropped considerably in the last years, there is no excuse for not keeping at least two separate copies of your valuable data.

A 500GB portable (small) external hard drive costs $99 AUD inc GST and one onsite hour will be enough to set up and test an automatic backup.

If you have more than one PC in your household/office, a centralized network storage, like a file server, is very usefull.

BANATIX computers recommends running a file server. We provide a wide range of servers based on standard PC units having two hard drives (for redundancy); they are powered by linux based operating systems (Ubuntu, OpenSuse) which makes them reliable and immune to computer viruses. While a NAS (network attached storage) device is smaller and uses less power, a server (PC) is much more flexible and can run services like internet filters, email server with spam and virus filter etc. Calendar events and contacts can be synchronized with mobile phones speaking the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol (e. g. smartphones with Android). The server software we recommend being free and having low system requirements, the prices we offer are very competitive (starting at $1299 AUD inc GST for an entry level server pre-installed with software: AMD Athlon II x2 3.0 Ghz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 2 x 1 TB hard drives in software RAID 1; on-site installation and configuration for two PCs included).


Online backup - an ideal solution

Online backup ensures that a copy of your files is saved to another physical location.

Concerned about security? Online backup is probably much more secure than the solution you are using now. If unsure ask yourself the following questions:

  • is the backup you currently use encrypted?
  • is it done regularly without fail?

Keeping an unencrypted copy of your data in the car, in your briefcase or handbag is by far less secure than an online backup.

How dows it work?
The software we are using for our online backup process compresses and encrypts the data on your computer, then transfers it using a secure connection to our servers (same encryption grade as with your online banking). The encryption is so strong even we or our employees can't read your data!

Rely on us for your backup needs!
We equip our servers with redundant disk storage to minimize the possibility of data loss due to hardware failure. Compared to other online backup service providers, we assist you in setting up your PC or server for the backup process and monitor it's activity. In the case of a critical failure, we send you the data on dvds or an external hard drive, to avoid unnecessary download time. We can also assist you in the recovery process or moving the data on your new PC or laptop!

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Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

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