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Home and office wired and wireless network setup and maintenance

No matter if you plan to create a network or extend your existing one, want to get rid of all those wires or to change your internet connection to be able to work remotely and don't know what you need we are the right partner to assist you with that.

Tip: If you plan to create your network by yourself, read as much documentation as possible. If the network is wireless, make sure you implement encryption and choose WPA instead of WEP, if available. Having an open wireless network not only enables your neighbours to use your internet connection, but also to access all the resources (files) you have shared in your network. Clever ones can steel credit card information and passwords!

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Internet, email and communication software (skype, yahoo messenger etc) setup

Nowadays a PC without an internet connection is almost useless. Video calls over the internet have reached an incredible level of quality at no cost, so it is really important to choose the right connection and web cam, if you plan to use it. Emails are a very useful tool, but because of the huge amount of SPAM out there you should choose a provider which offers a good filter and an encrypted connection to his servers. No matter what your needs are, we can help you find the right solution!

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File sharing and groupware server setup and maintenance

It is very likely that you have more than one computer in your office ore in your household. And you probably need to be able to share information between them. You might also want to buy only one printer/scanner which anybody could use. All this is possible when using a network server. A server does not necessary mean expensive hardware, a good desktop PC setup as server can do a very good job. We can install Linux on your server, a powerfull and secure operating system, to further reduce the costs. Just call 0405 647 800 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 6pm) for more details!

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Remote access

You just arrived in the office and realized that you need the information on which you based your report. You plug your usb drive in, but... disaster... you copied only the report from your home PC!

There are many situations when you would like to be able to reach your office or home PC remotely. Modern internet speeds and software enable us to remotely control PC's from other countries or even continents. Properly set up, this connections are safe (they use strong encryption).

Need one? We can help!

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Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

Libre Office - The Document Foundation  Firefox  Thunderbird Graphics by GIMP  7-Zip

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