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Computer maintenance

You are probably asking yourself why do you need regular computer service and maintenance? Let's assume we don't change the oil in our car and don't do some regular checks! It will eventually break and let us down, isn't it? Or the lawn, let's stop wetting it! Only a few days are enough and it will dry out completely! If we don't maintain our computers, they will fill up with unneeded software, temporary files and other data. If we don't update our PC's operating system the chances to get infected by malicious programs and or a virus will get higher and higher, even if we use an up to date antivirus and antispyware software.

If you are a self-learning person and you already have good computer skills, you will probably be able to learn how to do many of the maintenance operations yourself (like disk defragmentation, update your operating system, backup your data, etc.). However, we recommend you to get professional help at least once in a while for checking your general computer security, your backup strategy and your backed up data. Unchecked backups are useless in case of disaster! You should also leave the cleaning of temporary files and unneeded software to an expert.

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Backup solutions

I hear about backup all the time, but why do I need it?

The life expectation for a hard drive is about 5 years, but they can fail any time without any 'symptoms'. Recovering data from a failed hard drive is not always possible and can easily cost over 1000 dollars, so data back-up is definitely an important part of computer maintenance.

Other reasons for creating regular back-ups are computer threats like viruses, malware and spyware which can infect, corrupt or destroy valuable data and accidental deletion.

Depending on the amount and nature of data you need to back-up we can offer simple solutions like writing a DVD or more complex ones like external hard drives or tape drives. Invariable data like family photos and videos can be securely saved on dvd's, while more variable data like documents should go on external hard drives. Never keep only one copy of your data and try to keep copies in different physical locations!

Act now before it is to late! Don't leave your children without nice family photos and movies! Call 0405 647 800 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 6pm) and book an on-site visit. We will offer you the best and most cost effective solution according to your needs!

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Hardware and software Troubleshooting

Sometimes our PC refuses to start-up, application close all the sudden, applications refuse to start or freeze after running for a while, fans are getting louder, PC or laptop case get's very hot etc. Some of us my be familiar with the "Blue_Screen_of_Death". Even if you are still able to use your PC, if you experience any kind of those problems it is time to let someone find out what causes them. After all, you don't want to loose any data, isn't it?

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Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

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