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BANATIX computers offers a wide range of ON-SITE computer repairs and outsourced IT support services for home office and small business users (SOHO) in Perth, Western Australia

In other words, we can help you to get rid of your frustrating computer problems!

Please use the following list as a guide, for identifying your problem or requirement:

  • new computer installation and configuration (Windows install)
  • assistance with your new scaner, printer, mobile phone, modem, webcam etc
  • domain, website and email hosting advice and configuration assistance
  • internet connection (DSL, cable, mobile broadband, ISDN, dial-up) setup or troubleshooting
  • share an internet connection (including mobile broadband or dial-up) in your home or office
  • wireless network installation or troubleshooting
  • slow computer start-up
  • computer brings up different pop-ups with or without your intervention
  • PC is much slower than a while ago
  • PC is noisy
  • PC makes metallic ticking, clicking, whirring, screeching and other mechanical noises from the computer! Make sure you turn your computer off and leave it off!
  • you want to be able to access your home/office computer remotely
  • you want to copy photos, family videos, documents or music to another media (cd, dvd, external hard disk etc.) and don't know how
  • you have more than one computer in your household and want to have all of them connected to the internet (or share files, printers and scanners or be able to play network games)
  • you have trouble using skype (Yahoo messenger or other communication software)
  • you can't use Skype (Yahoo messenger, etc.) on more than one computer in your network in the same time
  • application does not start, crashes, freezes, brings up errors
  • PC randomly crashes or freezes
  • you want to run some server application on your computer and don't know how to configure your router/firewall
  • you want to know if your internet connection is protected with a firewall
  • you need help with parental restrictions software
  • you are concerned about the security of your computer

The above list is far from being complete.
Don't hesitate to call us on 0405 647 800 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 6pm) even if your problem isn't mentioned here!

Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

Libre Office - The Document Foundation  Firefox  Thunderbird Graphics by GIMP  7-Zip

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