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Security audit

Information is one of the most important assets that any organization possesses. Without it, an organization cannot function at it's full potential.

Keeping information in digital systems allow easy access to it at any time; it is vital to have a good security strategy (firewall to protect your network, restricted access based on user and group policies, encryption on laptops and external media, back-up etc) to protect your valuable data from unauthorized access!

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Data recovery

Let's assume you just realised having deleted a bunch of very important data (documents, family photos or videos, music, it really doesn't matter what kind of data). If you can't find it in the recycle bin or in other folders on your hard drive it is important you stop using your computer immediately and call professional help. Any writing operation, like saving a document, downloading files from the internet or from your camera or just the operating system starting up and writing his logs will decrease our chances to recover your files, so please stop your computer once you noticed you have missing files.

The same applies if your PC makes metallic ticking, clicking, whirring, screeching and other mechanical noises! Make sure you turn your computer off and leave it off, so that we are able to come out and recover your data from your failing hard drive.

Another case: you just plugged in your external hard drive, your usb (pen) drive or the memory card from your photo or video device and the operating system notifies you it isn't formated? Make sure you don't format it (read the message carefully, you probably have to press "No" or "Cancel") and call me!

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Spyware and virus removal

There is no protection software that can guarantee the integrity of your computer or data, therefor, computer users have to learn some best practice rules. Unfortunately, the threat of spyware or virus exists even for experienced computer operators, because attackers can exploit the weaknesses of your operating system and programs.

If you experience a slow computer or unusual behavior (the start-up page from your favorite web browser changed without your intervention, annoying pop-ups etc) we strongly recommend you seek professional support. Spyware and virus removal is complicated and can easely bring your computer in an unusable state. Only an experienced engineer is able to establish the right method to clean your PC.

Call me on 0405 647 800 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 6pm). Having a degree in computer science and more than 12 years experience, I am able to help you in any situation!

After having your PC fixed I also analyze your security solution, recommend you a better one, if necessary, and learn you some best practice methods.

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Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

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