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ON-SITE computer repairs and outsourced IT support services

Can you afford to lose business documents or family photos?

documents and pictures

Whether we like it or not, computers break sometimes without warning and our precious data might get lost!


Don't wait 'till it brakes

BANATIX computers offers a wide range of backup solutions. We also provide ON-SITE computer support and PC repairs for businesses and home offices in Perth, Western Australia.

Read more about our backup solutions and pc services.

Is your wireless network secure?

wireless symbol

One hour on-site and we make sure it is! We will also check your firewall settings and your anti-virus software. Sit back and relax knowing you are safe after our visit.

Smartphones... iPads... Handy and useful! Are you using their full potential? It is very easy to set up wireless connections between your smartphone and computer to transfer pictures, music and documents without cables. You can even play your photos directly on your TV (DLNA required)!

Interested? Call us today to find out more!

We provide fast response and solve all computer problems.

BANATIX computers is a family business located in Perth, Western Australia, south of the river. Our aim is to make your computer run smoothly and to help you understand it better.
We are specialised in ON-SITE computer repairs (netbook, notebook, laptop, desktop PC or server system running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X), network installation and maintenance, backup solutions and data recovery.
Same day response and a satisfaction warranty set us apart from the crowd!

Why call us?

  • We offer ON SITE computer support, in your home or office. Not only do we cover areas near Ardross, WA, like Applecross, Booragoon, Myaree, Attadale, Melville, Manning, Como and South Perth, but also all areas from Fremantle to Parmelia and Warwick to High Wycombe.
  • We have broad experience with operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X and linux distributions like Ubuntu or Opensuse.
  • In the unfortunate case that your PC is so badly broken and an on-site fix is not possible, we take it to the workshop and bring it back in the shortest possible time-frame (usually 1-2 business days).
  • The convenient date and time is set on the phone and we respect it strictly. When traffic or emergencies cause delays, we are going to call if we are more than 15 minutes late.
  • We are not locked into closed, expensive software. Instead, we recommend the most suitable and cost efficient solutions! We promote open source free of charge operating systems like Ubuntu, office applications like LibreOffice, internet browsers like Firefox and many more!
  • No hidden costs and no travel fee for distances of up to 25km from Ardross, WA. If a travel fee is required, you will be informed before making the appointment. Details.
  • Fair prices guarantee: if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our service, we revisit you free of charge!
  • Capped rates are a warranty for you that you wont pay a huge price for an ON-SITE visit. read more...

Data recovery

data recovery

Let's assume you just realized having deleted a bunch of very important data (documents, family photos or videos, music, it really doesn't matter what kind of data). If you can't find it in the recycle bin or in other folders on your hard drive it is important you stop using your computer immediately and call us!

If you can't see any data when you plug in an external hard drive, an usb (pen) drive or a memory card from your photo or video device stop using them and call us! read more...

Spyware and virus removal

spyware and virus hazard

If you experience a slow computer or unusual behavior (the start-up page from your favourite web browser changed without your intervention, annoying pop-ups, strange toolbars you cannot delete, suspicious search results, you cannot start a program, clicking on a link in a program does not trigger any action, your web browser suddenly closes or stops responding etc) we strongly recommend you seek professional help.

Do not delay! An infected PC is unpredictable (malicious software can collect your personal information, redirect your searches, change and delete files and programs)

Spyware and virus removal is complicated and can easily bring your computer in an unusable state. Only an experienced engineer is able to establish the right method to clean your PC. read more...

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Reliable Open Source software you can use free of charge (link opens in a new window or tab):

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